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bashRecordsLogo_whiteBGBash Records is a branded company based out of NYC which divides into a record label, entertainment and events division.



Our music department focuses on a 360 degree system which provides direction in the music industry. Our mission is to guide, counsel and provide proper resources for clients such as Artists, Producers, Songwriters and DJs. Some of our services include management, recording, branding, marketing, promotions, consulting, publishing, and distribution.

Our entertainment and events division takes pride in building relationships and keeping them. Our established relationships with venues, owners, promoters, celebrities and many more nightlife affiliates can guarantee our clients a successful event.

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Bash Music Group


Bash Music Group is an Electronic Dance Music Label under the parent  company of Bash Records.

Bash Music Group mission is to guide and counsel talent with proper resources through management, recording, branding, marketing, promotions, consulting, publishing, and distribution.

As an Electronic Dance Label, Bash Music Group seeks to work with some of the best electronic talents such as Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Remixers and DJ’s. Our system includes a 360 degree foundation which allows the talent to grow with proper direction in the music industry.

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Bash Concepts

concepts4Bash Concepts is an entertainment and events production company under the Bash Records umbrella; specializing in marketing, promoting, and creating the highest-quality events and experiences. Our concentration of events focuses on album-release parties, concerts, festivals, as well as fundraisers and charity events. We have high standards for our client service, and we provide peace of mind for venue owners. Our already established relationships with venues, owners, promoters, and many other nightlife affiliates have given us the edge when coordinating these successful events.

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Jerid Nowell – Outburst EP (Now Available)

An artful and lyrical debut EP, “Outburst” successfully delivers an array of emotions and sounds from livid (“Barbie Doll”) to overwhelmed (“Fallout”), without throwing a deranged temper tantrum. Nowell hooks up with producer, Daniel ‘DGMayne’ Glavin, crafting songs portraying messages fueled with ambition and hope like “Tell Me What You Want” and “Only Just Begun”; giving listeners insight into Nowell’s bold journey from Arizona to NY to pursue his music career. Other tunes ease up on the emotion but not the adrenaline, leading you into nights filled with fun and debauchery with “Lonely Ones”. “Outburst” features catchy hooks, enchanting musical arrangements and some seriously strong vocals. The result is a titillating intro into the audacious mind of Jerid Nowell.

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Jerid Nowell – Tell Me What You Want (Official Music Video)

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Welcome to the Bash Records website, where music, entertainment and events meets one another to form the ultimate experience. Please visit our affiliates Bash Music Group, Bash Music Publishing and Bash Concepts, as well as our talents and other business ventures. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter which can be found in the About Us section. For inquiries, please visit the contact us page.

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